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jueves, 17 de abril de 2014


Dear friends,

For all Christians who commemorate Easter, and for all my friends, I invite you to reflect on the meaning of true love , many define it, as a feeling that represents all the virtues of man, others simply consider it affection others, and the romantics will tell us that is the engine that makes everything possible .
But love goes beyond, is give everything regardless if we receive something in return , is compassion for others human beings full with defects like us, is a multiplier that can grow and grow to infinity, is sincerity  because he knows that only on the basis of the truth can be built the foundation of happiness.
God and his heavenly creatures love us unconditionally , are ready to help us when we need it , never doubt that you have someone who will always be by your side watching every step , all you have to do is have faith and remember that the best way of thanking, is returning love to others.
Today I invite you  to leave your mark on the lives of others and to thank God for all the blessings around you with this prayer:
Thanks Father of Love , Thanks Father of Light, Thanks Father of Forgiveness, Thanks Father of Understanding , for understand that despite my errors I need a new opportunity to grow, to learn, to love , to let my selfishness and understand that if I learn to give everything I earn the happiness of feeling your presence in my soul. Amen


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