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miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

archangel of love, ARCANGEL CHAMUEL

Also know as Camiel , Kamael , or Shamuel , his name means: he who sees God, because he represents love, that is the feeling that most us closer to God, the color that represents it is pink and your gift is love : to the inner child and to others , he can help us to find love, to protect and to grow over time. He can also help us when low self-esteem and conflict exists, gives us the courage to face situations , recognizing that love is the most powerful force for change .

The Catholic Church does not recognize him, because his name doesnt appear in the Bible , however it is known as one of the 7 Archangels , he was the angel who sack Adam and Eve from paradise.

Gift: heart, therefore he can be represent with a clear bright tunic and a flashing heart on his chest.

Archangel Chamuel Day is Tuesday
His gem is ruby
February 14 is the ideal day to perform the ritual because there is a lot of energy celebrating the day of love .

To ask for love, self-confidence or conflict resolution , do the following :

Find a quiet place where you feel peace
Wear comfortable clothes
Light a pink candle and 3 red candles inside a bowl full of water , incense must be a sweet aroma is preferred to be roses
In a paper you proceed to write a letter to the Archangel Chamuel , explaining how you feel and what you dream .
Make prayer Chamuel
Thank God and the angels to be in your life and for their help and you should keep the paper in place special.

(This ritual is repeated for 9 months on the same day of each month)

Prayer to Archangel Chamuel :

Dear Shamuel ,
I commend the love of God to guide my steps in the path I chose , that my fear is transformed into love, that my darkness is filled with light, that divine grace hold me to transform my life, that conflict , pain , disappointment and all anti-love feelings disappear and i can see the beauty of everything around me .
In particular I want to ask your intercession for ............ ( tell what you wish for) ....................... ...
Thanks for being with me.


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