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jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017


I do not know when I stop believing that your presence was something dispensable, that you had forgotten me, I blame you for everything that went wrong and I moved away from the light that so often filled my heart and I fell into a desert and got used to the thirst of my soul.

Until the signs began to appear everywhere, the ladies who knocked on the door to share your word, the smile of my children that reminded me that there is hope, messages from the cell phone that even if I ignore them was your way of calling me, and that void That you can only fill it with your immense love.

Today I know that you forgive me, that there is hope, that the problems have only led me to become a better human being, strong, brave of which you are proud and whom you have never abandoned, today i know you have never stopped believing in me and I understand That only the purest love forgives everything without condition.

Thank you for loving me and accepting me as I am, I will try to correct my mistakes and show you how much I love you, Dad.

Your daughter(son)

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