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jueves, 26 de junio de 2014

MESSAGE OF THE DAY Our existence is the most wonderful miracle of the creation.

Today I wondered if there were miracles, and I talked to Him, I asked for help, I wanted to stop feeling fear and uncertainty, and once again He showed me that he is listening, that he is light,  that he is love and  He only want to be part of our lives .
He has many names in different religions and beliefs but He told me to call him "love",  because LOVE is the ultimate expression of his energy, He told me to stop seeing through my eyes and believe that the only way to see the miracles is through LOVE.

If you are reading this is Because LOVE wants to come into your life and show you That We Should not travel millions of miles to see a miracle, but where we ask, Because the darkness of insensitivity is blocking our view, He said simple, look around you, the miracles are everywhere in everything, for example is in your child's smile, in the kiss from your husband or wife, in the cuddle of your parents, in the sadness and hope that Gives Us to know That there are many Thousands of human beings with much larger and complicated problems than ours and Still with their heads held high, Their faith and the will to live, they are still struggling Because They Understand That God is love and our existence is the most wonderful miracle of creation.

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