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jueves, 10 de abril de 2014


Dear reader,At a point everything seems to go wrong , family or emotional problems , financial problems, health problems , and suddenly all our perfect world starts to crumble .First, I want to reflect with you, there is nothing perfect in the world, no ideal relationships or families, the perfect families have their small or large setbacks, the difference it is that they have learned to solve the problems with the power of love , understanding and forgiveness.  We can not ask our loved ones to think like us, and less act the way we expect , or to learn from our own mistakes, it is part of the innate difference of humanity, it is important to accept ourselves as we are with virtues and defects.The economic problems prove our stability , our ability to adapt and evolve , how often our finances despair us, but with hard work can overcome them, but remember all the hardest stages have an end, it is important not to let these problems affect us in the harmony of our homes and in our health, because these two points are critical and are much more difficult to solve than economic problems.
The spiritual and physical health are important and can not be neglected,  everybody suffers but if you let the problems affect your health, you will worsen the situation. As for the spiritual health, you can not allow the problems embitter your soul, the only ones who suffer are you and your loved ones,bad times with a good attitude pass faster.Do not forget the keys to exit these bad times :1) Keep the faith2) Say what you feel is important to let your feelings out and express yourself , of course without hurting anyone.3) And, exercise, it will help you vent negative energy.I invite you to do the following prayer:Thank you Father for your unconditional love , on this gray day I ask for your help, please let my guiding angels teach me the light, forgive my doubts and lack of faith, I promise to strive with your help all the problems, i am sure i will overcome them and happiness will envolve my life again.

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