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jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014


Dear Reader,

An important part of our spiritual growth is to forgive and forget everything that has hurt us and marked us in a way, if we dont do it, we can not grow and become beings of light, peace and emotional balance. God and his angels want to do the best for you , letting go of the pain and starting again as if nothing had happened. Today I bring you a prayer that will help you to reflect and allow you to start over.
It's a simple prayer but remember neither God nor His angels can intervene or help yourself unless you let them help you .

Dear God and guardian angels ,
I pray in this moment that my heart is hurt, I can not start again because i dont know how to stop feeling this pain , you know better than I, that all will soon pass , but right now I just need your love and spiritual embrace, please help me to ..... forgive the person or event that hurt us .... and all that happened because of her/him/etc..
I want to be a being of light , capable of loving the world and keep smiling , so I promise from this time on, to forgive and forget that stage of my life.
I thank you for your unconditional love and company in this and every moment of my life.
Amen .

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