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sábado, 1 de marzo de 2014


Dear friends,

Love is elusive some say, but I do not believe this , love as a couple is premeditated from heaven , and will appear when you least expect it , you will recognize it because it  will make your heart beat , a smile or a gesture of that person and your day becomes the best you've lived , a kiss and you will be able to conquer the world. I know that what I write sounds very romantic, poetic and even utopian but who has really been in love will recognize these symptoms.

Finding  the perfect match will dependent on someone bigger than us, the problem is that often we lose hope , we feel alone and we think  it is better to settle with someone than stay along, but if you hear that last sentence sounds very cruel to both parties involved in the relationship , it is unfair to be the consolation prize for someone, if we are creatures of light and love , it is only fair that we are complete with our soul mate .

Love is to live it fully , with a being who will love and respect you for the rest of your life, it goes without saying that you believe in monogamous relationships, you will feel you could not be happy without your middle half , nobody else will pop your senses to feel the fullness of love .

Today I want to pay tribute to love and for this I propose the following exercise:

1) Find a place of peace and harmony, where you feel that your connection to the light increases.
2) Light the candles of true love, red and put them in a glass container with water and rose petals .
3) It is very important to wear comfortable clothes
4) Thank God and the angels for being part of our lives and ask them to come to our aid because we wish to feel in touch with the love and light
5 ) Normally I write the prayer in the exercise , today I invite you to do it, the words will flow from your heart and they will be oriented not on prototypes of people, but the person that completed your being and for who you want to become a better human, because his or her love will make you realize the blessings that surround your existence , and  if you have not found this person today, please describe him or her  not physically but spiritually ,
6) When you have finished this sentence shall burn in the fire of red candles as an offering of love to heaven.
7) You should thank God for being  with you all the time, and for give back so much happiness you will help people who need you , known or unknown , you will teach that an outsider is also capable of helping and caring for their welfare .
Thank you all for being here, for your warm energy surrounding this blog and allows us to generate a community that believes in the light and love. NAMASTE FRIENDS , GOD AND ANGELS guide your PATH .

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