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viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014


Dear friends,

Many of us feel that we expected more in life or were looking for something different ,  did our life change because we could not reach a goal , or lost a loved one, or simply because we felt that we are at a point where 're stuck and we can not continue.

Many people feel that has no force that has fought long and is not able to continue, but I want we reflect together and understand that it may seem that everything is wrong and there is no light in any part of our existence , but  that's just an illusion caused by suffering , anguish and all the negative feelings generated by the situation.

It is important to let go of the pain , forgive ourselves and others and understand that the first step not dependent on others, but the decision to break the deadlock and start again .

If we close our eyes and keep a minute of silence to answer the following questions may help : How many people care about me? How many people love me ? How many people depend on me (may be in a personal , professional or spiritual plane What would happen to them if I go?
Sure we understand that we are more important and necessary that we felt that life has a purpose and it becomes hard but it´s worth living .

The key to the healing process is to find our center, determine the value of our inner child and provide the care that we refused to get when we enter into the vicious circle of pain.  To be happy for that child within us we must remeber that we are beings of light , possessing all the virtues and all the gifts that help illuminate the lives of others .

Do not forget that God and his angels walk with us always and only depends on our will let them into our lives, and allow the miracle of love change us forever, because even if we doubt, God , the angels and many people on earth love us, and expect us to open the doors of our heart to help us heal.

It is important to remember that life happens too fast, even at the time of suffering you felt that every second is eternal, that is not real.
So you have to focus on getting the most out of every moment , you have to focus on what makes us happy , we can not cling to past or the pain, we must build a life plan to where we go.

The key is God , love , perseverance and forgiveness.
Dear Father, Archangels and Angels of physical , emotional and spiritual health , I come humbly to ask for your help, it is time to heal, leave the past , the pain and everything that makes me sick and tormented , it is time to enjoy the blessings that life offers me , do not let me separate from you, guide my way to the light and love , I want my inner child be capabe of smile again and believe that there is hope , that there are dreams and that I can overtake them , I leave everything in your hands and I thank you infinitely for your help, today I AM a better person , I AM love, I AM the truth , I am the hope, I AM the faith , I AM all that I want to become with your help and protection.

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