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martes, 25 de febrero de 2014


Dear Reader ,
It is time to thank God , it is that sometimes not everything goes as we want but we are alive and can read this blog, in some ocassions all seems against us, but there is always something positive that you can extract from the day, or from your life.
We have someone special in our lifes, maybe we do not understand that God is unconditionally , he is sitting next to you waiting to wrap a word  in his paternal embrace.
It's easy to complain about everything and very hard to appreciate what we have, it is time to reconsider and evaluate everything you have , if this was a statistical chart i would tell you that you belong to one third of the world's population that has access to Internet but it is not about  that, you have something much more valuable, if you're reading this blog is because you believe in angels, and they are part of God and his work , it costs us nothing to take a few seconds to thank him for each new day, because it is an opportunity to do better things , to learn to be humble and realize that without God would not be possible to be better every day.
Thank you for being in my life and read this blog.


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