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jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014

loneliness is not bad

Dear friends,
How many times we have felt alone and this situation leads to depressed and feel that it is impossible to find the person of our dreams?, and in many cases we live romantic fantasies tend to idealize people.
Well from my personal experience is the worst mistake we can make , look for a person because we feel alone , as the title of this post says loneliness is not bad , it is a step that allows us to reconnect with ourself, learn to value and loving our inner child , let go of the past and be free from pain, it is impossible to start again and worse build a lasting relationship with someone, if we are inside a whirlwind of negative feelings, because eventually this will affect any future relationship.
Loneliness becomes a gift when it allows us to travel, grow, learn , new experiences, initiate projects , do what we've always dreamed of, allows us to feel beautiful creatures of light inside and outside.
When you find yourself and your self-esteem become a reflection of your inner harmony, you will understand that you should not look for love,  LOVE will knock at your door and he or she will love who you really are without any disguise.
To enjoy loneliness today I suggest the following exercise:

What you need:

1) Find a quiet place where you find peace

2) Turn blue candles and place them in a container with water

3) Wear comfortable clothing , to maximize the harmony of this exercise

4 ) We will need a mirror to perform the exercise, ( bigger is better ) , we also need paper ( color that identifies you ) and pen.

5 ) First thank God and his angels for so many blessings, and for allowing you to participate in this exercise.
6) Watch your outer self in the mirror for about 5 minutes

7) Close your eyes and you look at your inner self for about 5 minutes

8) In the paper you will write all your physical , emotional and spiritual strengths, at least 20 of them.

9) Then you are going to write all your physical , emotional and spiritual weaknesses, and in the other side of the paper you will write how are going to improve in these areas so that you can grow in each of these aspects

10) With a commitment to be better every day will fold the paper and keep in a special place, this exercise can be repeated as often as you need .
11) Finally I suggest the following prayer :
Thank God, light and heavenly creatures,
To be part of my life , today is the first step towards my happiness, I have decided to be better every day and for this I am aware of the blessings that surround me , I'm sorry if sometimes I let depression and negative feelings take the control of my life, but I intend firmly to believe in the innate light of my being and with your help I will succeed , do not let me forget my brothers who need help , as I am willing to contribute whatever it takes to assist those who need to feel the celestial light and love.

An additional observation , loneliness is not bad as long as it does not become a haven against the world to avoid approaching others for fear of being hurt.  Always choose new experiences is better than the fear and the frustration of not knowing what would have happened if we had done them.

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