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domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014


Dear friends,
How many times have we found people who left footprints in our lives , some positively and others that we wish to forget forever, in either case is how we remember the situation that will determine the impact of that chapter in our life. The traces are used to follow a path by which we want to return or  to avoid a path because we know where those steps lead .

The important thing to remember is that many of us have found people who change our lifes, and we always have to get the positive of every situation , in some cases it seems impossible to believe that there is something good,  but there is; for example: it allowed us to know us better and to determine our worth , ability or strength in diferent situations, it also revealed to us who are the people who love us and with whom we could not count on. There is also the positive situations, thanks to wonderful people who changed our lives and helped us grow , perhaps in this case your obligation becomes greater as you have to pass that lesson of love, peace , wisdom, etc. .to  others .

Only we can decide which way to go and if we want the light, love and peace be part of our life, it seems very easy to say forget the pain and start again , forgive and do not bind to past grudges, but it is not, unless  we are convinced we can make  changes in our lives and leave footprints on the path of others .

Today I want to invite you to do the following prayer to the angel of love and forgiveness :
Dear God and heavenly friends ,
Today I want to start my life again , with your help I intend to leave a mark of love and peace in all the sites I visit , help me with your strength and wisdom to not allow negative feelings weaken me , help me learn from the past to be a better human being, help me to enjoy the present to change the future , and help me to believe that I can leave fingerprints on the way to the light .
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