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viernes, 3 de enero de 2014


Dear friends,

Life is one and unfortunately the time is too short to waste on this plane , we often complain that we can not: do what we want, go where we want to go ,  or make that change in our image or our behavior that we wish , and when we do the typical reflection of the new year, we all agree that there are many excuses not to fulfill our dreams, hard work, little time or just easier to blame the others for not allowing us to do so, but I think you understand that is not the world or the activities , not even the money that stops us, it is the fear of failure, or the fear of stopping having something to dream about.

But living a fantasy does not help you if you decide to conquer your insurance dreams find the fullness of your being, it is time to try to do everything to make us happy, overcome fear because the question of whether or not it will be the right decision nullifies us and begin to understand that there is little time and much to be done.

Do not forget to ask for God's help , you will never be denied , I'm sure that God and his angels guide your way and you'll get much more of what you order , YOU WILL YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY .

Success in this new year that may be for you the new stage of your life .

Prayer for new beginnings :
Dear God , send your angels to guide my way in this new beginning , that where there is doubt , shine your light, that where there is fear, shine your light, that where there is pain, shine your light, your light fills me today and always to be able to radiate in all my actions and disseminate to those who need it .
Amen .

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