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martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013

Prayer for the new year

The most important is the energy that you you project for next year , you must allow the light to illuminate your way, do not cling to bad energies, negative feelings , the past, your only obligation is to be happy , DO NOT GIVE UP .

1) Clean your house to leave all that is negative energy
2) I usually light a candle for each color to attract the angelic energy into my life,

Red - Love

Yellow - Luck

Green - Money

Blanca - Health

Blue - Tranquility

3) Dress color underwear you want to attract in 2014
4) Write down on paper the good and bad that happened in the year , both shall be burned at midnight , fire purifies.

5 ) Prayer for the New Year :
God good,merciful Father , thank you for allowing me to share this year with my loved ones , forgive me for not being grateful for my life and forgme for dont thank you for the many blessings that have been granted me , help me achieve the goals I need to become an instrument of your love, that where I go to transmit your infinite love of neighbor , open my heart and my eyes to understand that is not in receiving but in giving the fullness of my being and that your angels are with me every step to guide me towards you.
Please peace , health and work never missing in my home,

Amen .

God bless all my friends in this new year

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