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miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2013


Dear reader ,

God and his angels are with you all the time, you do not have to go anywhere to find them, because you have always been connected to the source , your spirit is a piece of God.

We tend to look for God at places or objects , but the purpose of these places and things is to remind you that even if you dont see him all the time, He is here and he has left his mark  so you can have evidence of his presence in this world.

If you want to feel his presence in your life you must close your eyes and accept that despite all your flaws you are a being of light , ready to get involved in God's mission , transmit love, when you stop focusing on you and you begin to understand that you are part of something bigger, that your cross is small compared with other brothers and also must understand that when you help others, you are opening the channels of communication to let the angels guide your way to God.

Helping others is not difficult, you do not need  to do big things , you just need to get involved with helping the angels to fulfill their mission, you can pay attention to the person who is next to you and who is desperate for someone to listen and understand , without being judged .

I believe in you because you are a wonderful human being full of light.


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