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domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

How to listen to the angels ?

The people at some point in our lives has heard the voice of angels either : advise, comfort , console , or being the channel to convey their message .
 The problem is that many times we decided to ignore what they say for instance you've ever had a hunch or a feeling that something will happen and you decide not to pay attention , or feel that if you do something for other it will be considered as interference .
Pay attention, to hear the angels it´s not complicated just have to open your mind and heart to accept God's love .
 If it  is very difficult because you have blocked their energy for a long time and you have to work so you can hear them, here an exercise that will help :
 1) Open your mind and your heart to accept God's love .
 2 ) Wear comfortable clothes .
 3) Find a place quiet and full of light, ligth some candles of your favorite color .
 4) Turn incense this will help you relax and let the energy flow.
 5) Music is also an important element , try nature sounds .
 6) Sit as comfortable as possible
 7) Ask the angels out loud so they can come into your life , tell them about the help you need and take an active part in the story , do not forget to thank them.
 8) If you have any requests you can write it in the color of  paper that represents the petition, and then you will burn it up as an offering , a prayer can help .

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