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jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013


You had the feeling you're not alone , that someone accompanies you , he's your guardian angel , you were entrusted to him by God from the moment of conception , but by the free will that God gives us, he can not do anything to help you but watch if you dont invite him to join your life, so this is the moment please ask him to join you in this journey.

When we were children we were taught the prayer of the guardian angel , the sad thing is that as time passes we stop believing .
Keep in mind that your angel is with you, let him guide you, he is waiting for your request, just ask his help and he will show you the way, remember that God will not give you what you want , but what is best for you.
We all have a guardian angel that follows each of our steps, their mission is to  protect us  when we let them to do it , so this first blog is dedicated to invite you to summon your guardian angel to be your protector and guide .

Prayer Guardian Angel

" Guardian Angel, sweet company, do not forsake us neither night or day, do not leave us alone that we could get lost ."

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