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viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

God's gaze

Dear reader,

When we are young grown ups teach us to be good because God sees all our actions , they told us that with our misbehavior we were hurting God, but the time pass and prayers at night went away with our innocence, escaping quickly out the window.

We became pragmatic and decided that it is very difficult to believe what our five senses can not perceive , it is easier to unlearn because with the hustle and bustle of everyday  there is no time to remember God or our guardian angel , is much more comfortable trusting our potential and believe that we dont need anyone, and we cant count with someone unconditionally.

But God and his angels have always been and will be there beside you, watching closely , waiting for any opportunity to prove his infinite love , impatient waiting for  because let help them , but we think we know everything and we refuse to see the light at the way.

Today is a good time to reflect , God is proud of you and know that you can do what you set your mind but with his help will not get what you propose but what will make you happy, reacquaint yourself with the source from which your light internal will make you stronger .

Please close your eyes and thank him for being under the protective gaze of God, to be lucky to recognize that with his help you will be a better human being and do not forget to spend at least 5 minutes a day to talk with him, he is a comprehensive parent who loves you.

You can try with the following prayer :
Dear God , enlighten me today and every day of my life with the light of your love, help me to understand that life is full of trials to learn the meaning of what is really important , and you and your angels will guide me forever under your warm eyes , for I am your love .


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