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martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013


Dear reader,
Heart Forgiveness is forgetting , is become free from the negative feelings that bind us to pain, we stop living in the past and believe that the present is a gift to enjoy .
It is very difficult but the angels can help you, it's time to open your heart and let go of all those negative memories , lose your memory is almost impossible but you could keep the good;  every story has a learning, all people have a good side , all relationships have unforgettable moments , you can decide to keep the positives , but you understand that it's time to move out of the darkness to see the light.
you  are the only one, that can make the decision to start over, if you decide that you are not able to do it, be aware the pain becomes like a magnet to attract everything that might harm us .
Please close your eyes , look for a quiet place, light a candle , do not forget incense that inspire you and help you to perform the following exercise .
First you make the commitment to evolve, to go into the light and become someone who can be an instrument of angels to bring love , tenderness , understanding to those who need it through a smile, a word , a gesture.
It is important that you write this commitment to God, in which you will say goodbye to all the past and  be thankful about the future and all the good things you want to achieve in setting clear and achievable goals , of course you will sign it and place it in a special place, look at it and read it when you dude to be able to forgive and forget, do not worry you are not alone the angels will inspire you in the flow of words, so it become an instrument of healing .

Then I invite you to say the following prayer :
Dear God and guardian angels
I invoke you, in this moment when my heart is hurt, I am not able to start again because this pain, you know better than me, that everything will soon pass , but right now I just need your love and spiritual embracement, please help me ..... to forgive the person or event that hurt me .... and all that happened because of it/her/him/them.
 I want to be a being of light , I love the world and life, so I promise from this time on to forgive and forget what hurt me in the past .
I thank you for your unconditional love and company in every moment of my life.
Amen .

I would love to know if you made the exercise and how you felt .


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