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jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the prince of the angels , he is the commander  of the heavenly  army and his mission is to protect the land from evil , he is depicted with armor and a sword of light triumphing over darkness.
Know that when we reuest Archangel Miguel  help, he does not come alone to your aid , he is accompanied by his army of angels, and he is invoked when you need protection.



You can invoke him with a blue candle and a prayer (if it comes out of your heart is much better) , do not forget to always thank the Angels for their help .
There is a prayer that makes me feel protected whenever i say it, he protects me from danger and i can feel the angelic energy around me, the prayer is:

"Archangel Miguel in front , Archangel Miguel behind , Archangel Miguel above, Archangel Miguel below, Archangel Miguel to the right , Archangel Miguel to the left, Archangel Miguel, Archangel Miguel, Archangel Miguel  wherever we go, we are his love ( of God) protecting here. "

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