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martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013


Have you ever felt that people around us act like angels in our lives , have you heard the phrase ? " God works in mysterious ways " , has it occurred to you that the times we most need someone either an acquaintance or a stranger, people behaves in an unusual way and fills us with hope?

Surely your answer is yes, and remember situations in which this happened, what you might not percataste is that this is the work of God and his angels, they can speak to us , guide and protect through people , all you have to do is to request your help.

But it is also important to note that we can be the instrument to aid others, sometimes you just have to listen to that voice that drives you to do some good deed or without realizing it to help others, you may think that this does not occur but it happen all the time, for example you called someone and suddenly this person was either needed some advice or felt sad and your words were helpful , believe me this is the work of angels.

Today I invite you to let yourself be guided by angels .

Prayer of the day : " Holy angels please, let me be an instrument of God and bring encouragement and timely help to those who need it ."

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