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jueves, 17 de octubre de 2013

why lose faith?

Dear reader,

It's in our nature to believe in what our senses can see and touch , in addition to everything that happens on a day to day it is easier to believe and think that we are alone.
But I think that with the following question i can show that you are wrong;  can you see the air? the answer is no , only feel the cool sensation as it enters our lungs , I propose a test for the existence of angels and of course the creator.
Close your eyes (even if you do not believe, you lose nothing by trying) , say a prayer or talk about something very important to you , extend your arms, they should be at 90 ° of your body, palms put them straight pointing up to 90 ° of your arms , what do you feel ? .
You will not deny you feel something that gives you chills, energy coming through your palms and through your body , that is the power of God and his messengers .
Life is hard and it is often difficult to believe when we asked for something and therefore has not been met , but thinks everything happens for a purpose and although it is very hard and now you do not understand and modify someday you'll see your way to build a new story , do not forget you are not alone angels accompany you at every step.
Your guardian angel is your main protector, invoke him and if you want to have more present your angel use a caller of angels , the jingle help you remember his presence and unconditional love.
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