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miércoles, 23 de octubre de 2013

There are days when we feel alone and sad

Dear friend,

There are days when we feel very lonely, sad , everything looks blue and the problems fall like the rain , you must remember that the challenges are part of life they will make you stronger and help you to become a better human being , i know that it´s very easy to write but so hard to implement , I just want you to think and realize that it is not impossible, look around you and value what you have .

Angels are beings of light who wish to be invited into your life to bring a message of peace and love, if the problem is with another person and you believe in them they can help you to get the best deal for both, if the problem is with a situation they will show you the output.

Be not dismayed, life is not easy but if you add up all the moments of happiness you will realize that it is worth living it , and if you reflect on all the hard times for those who 've passed, probably 're very proud of you and the way in which you  solved most of the problems, don´t regret surely you learned the lesson.

Remember you have the solution in your hands , God's love is your most powerful tool against problems and fear, if you give him your problems and they do not weigh so much and his messengers the angels will give you the signs to find your way , believe.
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