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viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013


Dear reader,
If the word soul mate is within your vocabulary is because basically you're convinced that there is a special person to you and the angels know , you'll know when you have it in front , because love at first or second glance exist, just open your senses and let the angels help you in this quest for love.
There is a legend of Greek mythology that says that the human beings were a being with two heads, four arms and four legs , and the gods were so jealous of the perfection of the being that we were divided into two, if you want to find your soul mate, dont worry, your other half is also looking for you.

Please if you havent found your soul mate, do not lose hope , I tell you from experience , it's the person you least expect it.
How will you know? the soul and heart are wiser than reason, when you're facing the person that complements your being you will understand , just doing some questions , will you help me to achieve my dreams? and what would i be willing to sacrifice for the other person?, for true love you will give everything , true love change the priorities, you will become a better person full of consideration , love and respectfor your soul mate, and also you will find an inner strength that you had not had before, and you will feel that you are able to conquer the world.
He or she will come to you , so it is important to remember that being in relationship with someone for not being alone in the long term only brings trouble and sorrow, you deserve real love , I invite you to read my blog to find the love prayer will help , it tells you that if you connect with the angels they will help you to find the way to happiness (the prayer is in spanish but if you need it in english write me and i will be glad to help you).

Please write me and share this if you know someone who would like to read it.

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