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sábado, 26 de octubre de 2013

I need a true friend

Dear Reader ,

A true friend is with you at all times , does not judge you and listen your problems with the heart, and tells you his honest opinion , looking not to hurt you but making you understand what is best for you.

Angels are our real friends, and they are giving us their unconditional support in good and bad times , but unless you allow them to intervene, they can not do anything for us .

I want you right now if you feel you are in need of a true friend , please call them, an invite them to share the light of a candle, pick up a color, i am sure it  is an angelic whisper that guides you choose that color , some incense and a bowl of water. When you have everything close your eyes , and raise the following prayer :

Dear Friends of heaven, today I feel the overwhelming need for a sincere hug , please come to my help because I want to talk about .... (say the issue that is bothering you ) .... I appreciate the unconditional love and sincere support that without judging light on this path of uncertainty and fear,  Amen
Now indulge yourself in this conversation , sure have a lot to express and reflect dont forget to listen, the answer is here.

A hug ,

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