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jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013


Callers of angels are very old. The legend tell us that in the past we have lived with our guardian angel, who was with us as a close friend, but because of the original sin we were expelled from the Eden and we didn't see him anymore; nevertheless the immense love that the angels have professed for the mankind bring them to advise us that we have to use a sphere wich its tinkling sound would send a direct message to them remembering that we need them with us forever.

The caller of angels is a personal item you can not share, and can not be touched by any other person , in the case of not wanting to wear as an accessory you can place it at home , in the car , in the baby's crib , in the nursery , the advantage of using it to ring more often and will send a clear message to your guardian angel , but remember no two people can use it , except in the case of pregnant women caller angels that go belly up when the baby is born you can put in your room and before sleep make it sound .

I started to develop some callers , if you like you can purchase by clicking on the link will take you to my page , and I can send a message to tell me why you want to use and I can advise the most suitable .

The purpose of the caller is to not feel alone , the angels hear your distress message and you remember hearing the jingle you're not alone.


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