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martes, 1 de octubre de 2013

Angels work in mysterious ways

In a village lived a very rich family and other extremely poor , one day two angels decided to go through the village , and as usual in that place asked inn to spend the first night , the stranger looked clean and they wore simple clothes , the first house was a house with a cane humble room, the family felt that the guests should be treated as family members , so they shared their food and offered the room to the visitors. The next day the lady of the house was crying because their only cow was dead, and it was their source of livelihood , angels regretted what happened , thanked the hospitality and continued on their way .
The next night they arrived at one of the country's richest estates and requested inn, the owner allow them to sleep in the stables and gave them no more than the big home leftovers, the next day when the younger angel awoke, there was the other angel working, he was covering a hole on the floor of the stables, no one thanked or appreciated his work, the angels thanked the family for his hospitality and continued on their way .
The younger angel was disturbed, he didn´t understand what had happened , in the first house they were treated like family , and despite this the other angel allowed the cow to die; in the second house where they were received as homeless, the other angel helped them, aoutrageous the younger angel inquiryed, how can it be that God will agree with this? .
The other angel said , God works in mysterious ways , you're very young and you have not realized what happened , the night we were in the first house we had a visit from the angel of death, he came to take away the lady of the house , but  the family was so nobly I asked God to let the angel of death take away the cow instead of the lady. However in the second house was a treasure hidden in there, but that family had a lot and did not know how to share their blessings , so God asked me to fill the gap.
Dear friend understand that God is close to us and will help us all, at times something can happen to the things and it hurts for the money and the work involved to get it , but God knows why, look around and see the work of God and his angels in your life .

If you like it share it, maybe someone wants to hear from God and his angels.

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