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miércoles, 11 de septiembre de 2013

God does not want violence on his behalf

Neither God nor his heavenly creatures wish that in his name a man hurt another, it is  not fare to leave  a family without father,  mother, brother or a child, no war is worth it, there is no justification for harm or kill another human being.

Why humans have not understood that the second commandment is to love others as yourself? and that means to seek peace, help people, get in each other's shoes and understand that even though we have different ideologies there is one God and He is love, tolerance to others.

Please today raises a prayer for all the victims in the world who need to find peace, and pray for all those families who find no comfort, for all those people who need the angels to enlighten and make them understand that God is love.
Please read it and share it, dont break this chain we need God´s help:
Dear God, divine protector of mankind on this day we want to make a chain of prayer for all the victims of violence in the world, give them peace, and those who remain on earth provide the comfort to move forward.
Please do not let people take your name to hurt others, send your messengers the angels to fille with love the heart  of whom choose the wrong path.


Please pass this prayer chain to more people, because the more we unite, the stronger the message the angels sent.


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